We complement the sustainability eco-system

We aggregate sustainability data data from multiple sources and automatically align your company with multiple regulatory standards and sustainability programs.

We all need to contribute towards a cleaner, healthier planet. Imagine uniting millions of Companies around the world to progress sustainability at a massive scale. Companies need to consider how operations impact the environment, eradicate social injustice and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 88% of Investors believe that Companies that prioritise sustainable initiatives represent better opportunities for long-term returns.

Only the top 1% of companies around the world have the resources and budgets to proactively invest into global standards reporting.

But what about small & medium sized companies who lack the resources and budgets to do the same? How can they benefit from the long term positive impact that this powerful strategy provides? Misio is a global first platform that enables a companies stakeholders (Consumers, Investors, Shareholders, Suppliers and Financial institutions) with a public validated source of truth regarding how a Company is progressing its sustainability objectives.

We enable a simple, traceable and interactive solution designed to deliver both near term business growth and long term sustainability objectives.


Why now?

By 2025 there will be more millennials in the corporate workforce than any other generation.

Our younger generation is more purpose-driven than any other generation in history and actively seeks to support environmentally conscious Companies. The Misio Platform is a fit-for-purpose solution, specifically developed for Companies to connect with stakeholders and share sustainability activities with this generation.

Did you know that 57% of people are willing to change their purchasing habits to help reduce negative environmental impact? By creating and sharing your unique sustainability strategy, you could attract a whole new generation of clients aligned to building a better world.

Why now?